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A simulation game where you are handling an airline · By pjank42, Tjoeker


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Blocking the Seats
Hello fellow airline directors, We are happy to announce that we have started implementing the last new feature for the next version: the economics behind ticke...
It's The End of The Year
Hello fellow airline directors, First of all happy holidays and a happy new year. I hope you all have had a very pleasant time. When looking back at 2018 we hav...
Employee Training and Satisfaction
Hey, Since the last update we have managed to implement a number of different things. A lot of the time has been spent on a first version of the training facili...
Now Hiring New Employees
Hello fellow airline directors, As described in the last update we were working on implementing area IDs, to be able to be switch areas from one country to anot...
Moving Borders
Hello fellow airline directors, As written in the last blog update our focus is now on development for version 14. The first major feature we are working on is...
Heading For New Destinations
Hello fellow airline directors, After a period of fixing some of the reported issues and improvements for version 13, we are now happy to tell that we have deci...
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Patching up the Game
Hello fellow airline directors, It has been almost two weeks since we released version 13, and we have gotten a lot of great response. Some of the response has...
REL213, Cleared to Land
Hello fellow airline directors, After a very long period of coding and testing we are finally ready with the release of version 13. The past couple of weeks hav...
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