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A tycoon game where you are running an airline. · By pjank42, Tjoeker


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A Release Peeking Through?
Hey Fellow Airline Directors, It's been a long quiet time on this board. And with good reason: we have been restructuring a big part of the code at the core of...
New Liveries
Hey fellow airline directors! It's been a while since we last wrote to you and as someone on our forums pointed out, it might be a good idea to stay in touch wi...
News about V2.14
Hey fellow airline directors, It has been quiet for a while now. That is mainly because a lot has been moving behind the scenes. Still, the stuff that is being...
Transponder Code: 7600
Hey fellow airline directors, the last two weeks some personal stuff got in the way of development. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Of course, the other part...
Test, Break, Fix, Repeat
Hey airline directors, as we said last time, the devlogs will become a little boring until we have a release. No new features will be added as we're only doing...
Hi fellow airline directors, Last time we said we implemented the last new feature, so now it is down to bug fixing, optimizing and improving usability. This me...
Optimizing load
Hello fellow airline directors, the main theme of the last two weeks was testing the game and optimizing the new features for the upcoming version. Many improve...
Blocking the Seats
Hello fellow airline directors, We are happy to announce that we have started implementing the last new feature for the next version: the economics behind ticke...